The Doubt Demolisher

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Do you desire to be better? Are you maximizing each moment of your life to be whom you desire to become? Are you able to focus and align yourself to achieve your goals? Are you focused on securing a strong future? Are you always super busy? Do you have trouble taking care of yourself? What if whom you desire to be and what you desire to achieve is closer than you think? If these questions resonate with you, this book will support you with the mental tools to manifest your vision of being a better you. You are not alone. Many of us desire to be better. We desire to have better lives, be better family members, better lovers, better friends, better employees, better owners, better leaders, and simply better in who we are and what we do. The 10 BE's to BEING A BETTER YOU will empower you to discover what is possible when you overcome doubt and commit to maximizing the present moment. No matter where you are in life, you will glean valuable lessons and approaches from this accessible and interactive book. Dr. Broughton delves into a range of topics from emotional triggers to education in full transparency. The Doubt Demolisher will empower you to own your truths and embrace the authentic nature of your power to be on your journey to becoming. Anthony Broughton has shared his compelling story, talent, and knowledge at hundreds of conferences, workshops, and schools, to inspire thousands of students and teachers across the nation to become better. Having earned a doctorate by the age of 30, amid several service and academic awards, Dr. Broughton shares his secrets to success. The Doubt Demolisher distills Dr. Broughton's wisdom into ten reflective chapters that explore the ten essential states of being that fuels our journey in our pursuit of becoming better. This book is for anyone who is looking to maximize the moment to be their best self.

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