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Who is MiSTER B?

Take a passion for liberatory and transformational learning, artistic talents, a love for music, verve (energy), a commitment for culturally relevant teaching, with teaching experience and you have MiSTER B.

Wait, but I thought MiSTER B earned a doctorate?

    Yes, MiSTER B earned a Ph.D. in Early Childhood. MiSTER B pays homage to the "highly acclaimed" Call Me M.i.S.T.E.R. (Men Instructing Students Towards Effective Role-modeling) program, which was instrumental in his foundational development as a certified educator. His former kindergarten and first grade students called him MiSTER B, so the name MiSTER B is what children affectionally refer to him as. So, technically it's MiSTER B, Ph.D. 

MiSTER B has created various interactive music videos to support our young learners. Subscribe to his YouTube videos to join the B-hive!

school performances

MiSTER B is always on a mission to promote learning through music and movement. He is an energetic, passionate, and a certified culturally responsive educator in action. MiSTER B performs at school and center events across the world. Want to book MISTER B for your next event?



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Would you like autographed music or other MiSTER B merchandise?

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