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Dr. Anthony Broughton

Author & Illustrator

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Lesson By Nature

While Joshua explores the wild, he encounters animals who speaks and empowers him with life-long lessons. He listens carefully to the messages of the animals, and learns from them; even when others say that "animals can't talk." A book of empowerment, inspiration, and child-friendly wisdom! Journey with Joshua!


Promises of a Princess

Joshua shares wisdom with his little sister Saysha about princesses. As Saysha listens to Joshua, she develops a unique perspective about beauty. As a leader, Joshua seeks to empower girls like his sister to support their selfesteem. Find out what Saysha learns about beauty!

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Bees in the Hive

In this book bees gather for a birthday party as they count from 1 to 10. This book reinforces number awareness, conception and counting.

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Wishes of Wisdom

After being teased at school, Joshua feels terrible about himself. A very special person visits him and grants him several wishes. He makes several wishes in hopes of solving the problem of children teasing him at school. Through these wishes, Joshua learns wisdom in very unique ways.


Did you know that Dr. B conducts author workshops for students?

Dr. Broughton teaches children about the writing process he uses to write his books. He also shows children how he creates his illustrations for his books. 

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